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CNC Machining


Apogee Tool provides precision CNC milling of complex components in a variety of materials including aluminums, steels, stainless steels, exotics and composites.

  • 3 axis envelope up to 40' x 20' x 18'
  • 4 axis envelope up to 15' diameter x 40'
  • Programs developed via CAD/CAM from electronic models or physical drawings
  • Finished parts machined from billets or castings

Utilizing industry leading tools and software, processes and procedures are developed, verified, and refined off line prior to manufacturing, enabling reduced cost and minimizing lead-time.

Automated quality control equipment completes the process while integrated statistical process control (SPC) software continuously monitors and confirms process stability.  Collectively these technologies ensure that all products meet and exceed your highest expectations.

Apogee Tool’s manufacturing process drives continuous improvement and provides the potential opportunity for cost reduction you’ve come to expect and require in today’s competitive marketplace.


Beryllium Machining

Machining beryllium products requires a genuine dedication to safety and quality as well as a highly dedicated, disciplined, and thoughtful manufacturing team. For more than a decade we have been developing and refining safe beryllium handling procedures.

These procedures have been developed in consultation with the country's leading Industrial Hygienist to ensure safe and responsible handling of beryllium products before, during, and after the manufacturing process. Furthermore their overall effectiveness is continually monitored and verified through regularly scheduled environmental testing.

Apogee Tool has the process, equipment, and knowledge to safely and responsibly support your requirements.






Individual Components




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